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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

We cannot live without food. We all need food to grow stay alive. Food 
Gives us energy to work and play. Food production us from diseases. It
Helps to build bones and muscles. Good food keeps our body healthy. There
Are different kinds of food.
Protein helps to build our body. It makes our muscles strong. We get
Protein from milk, Cheese, Fish, egg, Meat, Chicken, pulses, Soyabean etc.
Some food items give us energy to work and play. Starch from rice, potato
And bread. We get auger from sugarcane, beetroot and ripe fruits.

We get fats from oil, ghee and butter etc. Food that is rich in vitamins
Diseases. Vitamins and minerals protects us from various diseases. 
Vitamins and minerals help to keep our body healthy and strong. They 
Help us to get strong bones and teeth, healthy skin and good eyesight.

We get minerals and vitamins from green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk,
Butter, meat, egg and fish. 
We should take some food of each kind daily. Different kinds of food
In proper proportions make a balance diet is necessary for good health.

We should keep good food habits. Here are some rules for good food habits. 
Always try to follow them. Have your meals at fixed hours every day.
Eat in a clean place. Put your food in clean pots. After the meals. 
Eat fresh and clean food.
Eat slowly and chew property.
Drink plenty of water.
Do not over eat.
Do not speak while eating or with food in your mouth

Healthy Food list

(1). Almonds 

48%phosphorus, 85%vitamin E
Helps build strong bones and teeth, prvinde brain function,
Helps in lossing weight, Maintains blood sugar levels,
Almonds reduces bad cholesterol and keeps heart healthy.

(2). Apple

9%fibers, 7%vitamin C 
Anti-cancer benefits, maintains blood sugar level, 
strong bones and teeth, Improves digestive system
Apple reduces cholesterol in body and keeps your heart healthy.

(3). Asparagus

12%iron, 52%vitamin K
Regulates blood sugar level, Anti-inflammatory compounds,
Better digestion and immunity, Cancer fighting abilities,
Full of antioxidants that prevents skin from sun damage,
Pollution and ageing.

(4).  Avocado

20%folate, 26%vitamin K
Beneficial during pregnancy, Prevents cancer and heart diseases,
Good for skin, eyes, teeth and hair, Helps treating diabetes,
Avocado is best to eat with other fruits and vegetables, 
It dramatically increase nutrition absorption.

(5).  Banana

8%patassium, 18%vitamin B6
Reduces constipation, Provides instant energy,
Helps reduce blood pressure, Contains powerful antioxidants,
Bananas can help reduce heart disease and keep healthy 
Functioning of kidneys.

(6).  Blueberries

3%copper, 16%vitamin C
Good for enhances memory, prevents cancer and heart disease,
Provides help in constipation and digestion, Helps in loosing weight,
Blueberries are super rich in antioxidants it neutralises free radicals
And prevents ageing.

(7). Broccoli

149%vitamin C, 127%vitamin K
Improves bone density, Cancer fighting abilities,
Support in detoxification, powerful antioxidants,
High Contents of Vitamins C assures healthy and glowing Skin.

(8).  Cabbage

61%vitamin C, 85%vitamin K
Cancer preventive Compounds, Helps in Weight loss,
Makes bones Strong, Anti-inflammatory properties,
High Contains of Sulphur and Vitamin C properties
Skin healing and anti- ageing.

(9).  Carrot

11%fibers, 334%vitamin A
Improves eyesight, Reduces risk of Stroke,
Promotes oral health, Helps prevent Cancer,
Carrots prevents skin from sun damage, it also
Promotes healthier skin from outside.

(10).  Cashew

110%copper, 36%protein
Helps reduce risk of diabetes, Provides aid in curing Cancer,
Good for bones and teeth, Reduces formation of gallbladder stones,
Cashews are good source of monounsaturated fats which helps keep
Heart healthy.

(11).  Cauliflower

80%vitamin C, 19%vitamin K
Beneficial during pregnancy, Provides in digestion,
Builds healthy immune system, High in antioxidants,
It's Anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce inflammation in body.

(12).  Cherries

8%fibers, 12%vitamin C
Anti-ageing, fights free radicals, Effective against gout arthritis,
Reduces risk of Cancer, Helps regulate blood pressure,
Antioxidants in Cherries fights against Alzheimer's, 
Parkinson's diseases, it also promotes better sleep.

(13).  Coriander

135%vitamin A, 388%vitamin K
Helpful in diabetes, Cures diarrhea Stimulation digestion,
Cures menstrual disorders, Prevents skin disorders,
It's Anti-inflammatory properties can prevent arthritis and conjunctivitis.

(14).  Corn

19%protein, 15% iron
Good for eyes and skin, Prevent anemia,
Prevents diabetes and hypertension, Rich source of vitamins and minerals,
Corn is rich in fibers it helps maintain good digestive system, reduce risk
Of hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

(15).  Cucumber

96%water, 20%vitamin K
Soothes body from inside out, Helps in diabetes,
Good for skin hair and nails, promotes good oral health,
Cucumber has about 96% of water which keeps body hydrated.

(16).  Eggplant

7%copper, 12%fibers
Improves digestive system, Helps to good brain health,
Helps controlling diabetes, Reduces risk of heart disease,
Eggplant are good source of B-complex vitamins,
Helps to energize body & promotes healthy metabolism.

(17).  Eggs

26%protein, 20%vitamin D
Yes, they improve heart health, Helps you losse weight,
Helps in growth and development, Rich in protein, iodine and zinc,
Eggs are rich in choline, an important nutrient ,
Which helps enhance cognitive health.

(18).  Garlic

84%manganese, 62%vitamin B6
Provides relief in cold and flu, prevention against cancer,
Blood purifier, maintains sugar level, Lowers risk of heart disease,
Garlic has Anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties,
Which fights against infections.

(19).  Ginger

11%magnesium, 8%fibers
Lowers blood sugar levels, Helps treat Chronic indigestion,
Provides aid in asthma cough, cold and flu, Cancer fighting abilities,
Ginger helps reduce migraine, motion sickness, nausea, morning sickness
And menstrual cramps.

(20).  Green peas

11%protein, 67%vitamin C 
Improve bone health, promotes good heart health,
Helps you loose weight, Good for skin and eyes,
Green peas can help fight anemia and fatigue, 
Also helps prevent stomach Cancer.

(21).  Guava

380%vitamin C, 22%fibers
Regulates sugar in diabetes, Improves brain health,
Provides relief in cough and cold, Reduces overall stomach disorders,
High Contains of vitamin C helps treat disease like scurvy and maintains
Healthy skin.

(22).  Kiwi

8%potassium, 154%vitamin C
Good for healthy heart, Helps manager blood pressure,
Relives constipation, Reduce sleep disorders,
Kiwi is  excellent source of vitamins C which helps 
Maintain healthier skin.

(23).  Lady fingers

8%calcium 22%folate
Good for eyes, skin and hair, Beneficial in pregnancy,
Promotes healthy digestive system, Controls blood sugar levels,
Lowers bad cholesterol and clots and keeps heart healthy.

(24).  Lemon

11%fibers, 80%vitamin C
Good for skin, teeth and hair, Soothes and mind,
Provides relief in respiratory problems, Helps in digestion and Constipation,
Anti- bacterial properties of lemons helps in malaria and cholera.

(25).  Milk

34%calcium, 16%peotein
Hydrates body, replenish skin, Stress reliever, soothes body,
Helps in overall growth and development, Reduces risk heart disease,
Milk is wholesome food, ample amount of calcium helps build strong
Bones and teeth.

(26).  Onion

5%folate, 6%vitamin B6
Controls sugar level in diabetes, Prevents cordiovascular disease,
Boosts immune system, Helpful in treating anemia,
Sulphuric Compounds in onion respiratory problems and treats Common
Cough and cold.

(27).  Orange

10%folate, 102%vitamin C
Helps in digestion, Anti-inflammatory, Stronger bones, helps in arthritis,
Reduces risk of macular degeneration, Boosts immune system,
Papaya is rich in vitamin C, it promotes healthier and glowing Skin also
Reduces acne.

(28).  Peach

6%vitamin A, 11%vitamin C
Provides aid in detoxification, Fights obesity,
Relieves stress and anxiety, Good for eyes skin and teeth,
Peaches inhibits tumour growth and fight against breast, 
Lung and colon cancer.

(29).  Pear

7%vitamin C, 12%fibers
Maintains healthy digestive system, Good for skin hair and eyes,
Low in calories high in energy, Speeds up wound healing,
Folic acid is important to reduce birth defects in newborns, 
Pear is recommended during pregnancy.

(30).  Pineapple

46%manganese, 80%vitamin C
Provides relief in cough and cold, Better blood circulation,
Improves immune system, strengthens bones,
Anti-inflammatory properties also helps
Improve digestive system.

(31).  Pistachio

49%phosphorus, 85%vitamin B6
Promotes healthy heart, Good for skin and eyes,
Prevents diabetes, Cures erectile dysfunction,
Pistachio are rich in vitamin B6, it helps enhance
Haemoglobin count and O2 supply to organs.

(32).  Pomegranate

8%copper, 17%vitamin C
Helps prevent Cancer, Good for healthy and glowing Skin,
Reduces Stomach disorders, Reduces dental plaque,
Pomegranate helps reducing bad cholesterol and keeps
Heart healthy.

(33).  Potato

9%potassium, 15%vitamin B6 
Lowers blood pressure, Long lasting energy,
Helps build cells, High in fibers and proteins,
Lowers risk of asthma, heart disease and Lung cancer.

(34).  Salmon

54%vitamin B12, 44%protein
Good for eyes bones and skin, Helps maintain blood sugar level,
Reduces risk of multiple types of cancer, Promotes healthy heart health,
Omega-3 acid in salmon is excellent for healthy brain function and helps fight
Neurological diseases.

(35).  Spinach

45%manganese, 188%vitamin A
Excellent for eyes, Stronger bones,
Anti-cancer properties, Anti-inflammatory properties,
Spinach is loaded with vitamin A, K, C and minerals like copper, zinc, iron, calcium.

(36).  Tomato

5%potassium, 27%vitamin C
Fights prostate and breast cancer, Helps in constipation and diarrhea,
Improves vision and skin health, Reduces heart disease,
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, A, K and iron, 
Patassium which helps to maintain good blood health.

(37).  Turmeric

90%vitamin B6, 250%iron
Prevents cancer and heart disease, Helpful in diabetes,
Anti-inflammatory, helps in anthritis, Boost immunity fights depression,
It has Anti-bacterial, anti-Septic properties and speeds up healing
Process if applied on wound.

(38).  Walnuts

79%copper, 100%omega-3 Acids
Helps in weight loss, Anti-cancer benefits,
Keeps heart disease away, Improves reproductive system,
High Contains of vitamin E and antioxidants improves brain health.

(40).  Watermelon

91.45%water, 14%vitamin C
Reduces risk of kidney disorders, Lowers high blood pressure,
Cures erectile dysfunction, Improves eye health,
Watermelon has aboy92% of water, it's a natural diuretic it also
Prevents heat stroke.

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